jack of few trades

I know enough about these things to apply them in my work.
Below are some of the symptomatic asks clients have come to the table with



It all begins with a problem asked by a client. Which markets do I enter? My competition is undercutting me. My largest market is now under global sanctions. How do I pivot? 

Clients I’ve done this with (portfolio coming soon):
Standard Chartered, iBase / Qornerstone

Transformation &
Change Management

Typical asks I’ve had to deal with: I want my colleagues to respect my department. How do I make learning and development an integral part of our employee culture?

BMW, NCS, Dupont Sustainable Solutions


How do I put my company out there? Is my value proposition good enough to get HNWIs? How do I nurture prospects through the funnel?

UAE Prime Minister’s Office, Commercial Bank of Dubai, Eureeca, NUS, CommScope, United Technologies, Epson


Employee Value Propositions

“To what end are values and beliefs going to keep people in the business before they walk away?” For the last 3 years, I’ve been working on ways to improve hiring for attitude and have in 2021 been fortunate enough to sell it to clients. 


UX Research &
Information Architecture

Why isn’t my site performing well? Why am I not getting conversions on my site? Help me redesign my website.
Starbucks, Palomar Technologies, Kaplan University, Brother

Market Intel &
Data Storytelling

Who is my audience? Why aren’t they converting? What do they care about? How are my competitors navigating COVID-19?
Standard Chartered, CommScope, American Express, Roche Diagnostics


Divestiture Rebranding

“Our parent company doesn’t represent who we are. We need to cut off ties and form our own brand.” In-depth category and brand research that includes stakeholder interviews and internal & external surveys to arrive at an unbiased assessment of the business and the brand.

Dupont Sustainable Solutions


Part of being in the strategy department, I like to make sure that my team and clients have access to the frameworks, data, and insights they require to take advantage of their largest commercial opportunities to successfully tackle any oncoming challenges.

Construct Digital, Gyro / Merkle

Lead Generation & CXM

Usually driven by sales or a numerical ask.

SAP, British Council Singapore, Engie, Inchcape (Toyota, Lexus),