What people are saying.

I’m surprised anybody reads this far. Here are what some of my past colleagues have had to say about my work.


“Brings persistent rigor and enthusiasm into our work”

Uzma is a delight to work with — on both a cerebral level and during the day-to-day toil of creative (and administrative) labor. When it comes to building strategies, she thinks of truly results first in crafting the creative solve. As a colleague with whom I constantly collaborate for “eureka” moments, she brings persistent rigor and enthusiasm into our work. She works comfortably with data and sharply identifies marketing technology-driven solutions in a heartbeat. Uzma proves that a B2B experience is nowhere near a limitation for consumer-side marketing, but in fact an advantage when it comes to delivering truly effective creativity.

— Daniel Olivan, Senior Strategist at Bonsey Jaden

“Uzma is someone with the proclivity to do things right.”

As a strategist, she has time and again, proven to be an invaluable asset to [us], taking direct ownership of new briefs and challenges, from a diverse range of industries. She understands the core tenets of marketing strategy well, which allows her the ability to seamlessly pivot between preparing for a technology pitch today, and a beauty pitch the next. The level of insights we can deliver to existing clients, and the laser-focused direction we can set for our prospects, through Uzma’s expertise always astound me, and I always look forward to working on projects, when she’s involved. Outside of work, she is someone with an opinion and is unafraid to take a stand on causes that matter to her. It has been a thorough privilege having crossed professional paths with her, as I’m sure it would be for anyone else.

— Jan Mascariña, Digital Marketing Lead

“Passionate, spirited, always eager to help.”

Always at the top of her game, Uzma gives it all—whether it’s prepping for a pitch proposal for a car brand, researching the inner workings of a data centre, or crafting strategies for a wire bond company. Nothing is too complex for her. Just give her a week or so to digest everything she can about a certain brand or business, and she’ll come back with strategies so focused and sound. No wonder she won us many high-value clients (and for that, we’re thankful). Her personality, I must say, is also worth pointing out. Passionate, spirited, always eager to help. It’s this winning combination of her strategic skills and ebullient attitude that make her stand out.

— Samantha Echavez, Content Marketing Lead at 3M

“Presents with gravitas.”

I’ve worked alongside Uzma for close to two years. In those two years, I’ve seen her not only excel at the core elements of her job like strategising and crafting proposals for our clients but also understanding clients requirements very well and presenting with gravitas. She can adapt very well when it comes to pitches even when it is a new industry. She’ll do her in-depth research and understand the industry very well so that she can craft the right proposal for the client. We’ve won many pitches together because the clients were stoked with the proposals that were presented. It’s been a great two years working with her and I do hope to collaborate with her in the near future!

— Leonard Bong, Digital Marketing Strategist at CGS-CIMB Securities

“…passion, knowledge and presentation skills – which proved more than once the deal maker.”

I’ve had the pleasure to work alongside and with Uzma for nearly a year on web and digital marketing. In this period she continuously showed and impressed, both colleagues and clients with her passion, knowledge and presentation skills – which proved more than once the deal maker. She’s a truly unique and valuable team member who makes everything seem so effortless with her enthusiasm and spirit and yet she truly masters her responsibilities to become a proper subject matter expert.

— Jochem Bökkers, Digital @ Capgemini

“…ability to grasp and immerse herself in [any] subject.”

Uzma is a highly talented and creative individual who can translate complex concepts into accessible quality digital content. She has EXCELLENT team working skills, has a very positive personality with the ability to work under pressure and best of she always gets the “job done” and delivers. Uzma’s ability to grasp and immerse herself in the subject of mental health helped us tremendously with developing and refining our digital marketing strategy.

— Dr Fareeha Amber Sadiq, Medical Doctor and Psychiatrist @ Camali Clinic

“most enthusiastic and energised member of the team”

Uzma was a bright light in our office, both in terms of the intellectual value she brought to any task given to her, but equally as a most enthusiastic and energised member of the team. She worked as Digital Manager within Eureeca but also was involved in various other elements related to the wider marketing and digital strategy of the firm. She was a pleasure to work with and along side, and certainly the office will be a duller place without her in it. She will be very missed by her peers and management alike.

— Christopher Thomas, Co-Founder @ Eureeca

“a wealth of knowledge on anything related to the digital world”

When it comes to anything Digital, Uzma is the go to person. What an amazing person to work with. She is professional, on point and does everything with a smile on her face. She has a wealth of knowledge on anything related to the digital world, and is able to clearly develop digital media strategies internally and externally. Uzma also is a great team player, breathing life into any office she steps into! It’s a pleasure knowing her and working with her!

— Ibrahim Tadros, Director of Partner Programs @ Wamda

“dynamic professional with clear views on digital culture and its impact on business.”

Uzma represents the next wave of dynamic professionals with clear views on the digital culture and its impact on business. Her knowledge encompasses an array of topics in the emerging digital arena including social media management, community management, SEO/SEM, website management, content strategy. Her creative writing and aesthetics contribute towards her being a well rounded digital marketer. Uzma worked with me on a variety of projects during her tenure at Al Tamimi Investments and made a distinct contribution towards the success of many of the brands under the ATI umbrella. Uzma Atcha is on the evolving wave of digital media, will you join her?

— Jarmila Fryntova, COO @ Gulf Sotheby’s International