I’m a B2B Strategist in Singapore. I help companies plot world domination.



Master of some

I believe that B2B marketing can be human and personable without losing its precision or intelligence. I work on making strong business decisions that add up to a lot of positive organisational change by solving the great business and marketing divide.


What next?

I am not a brand planner or creative strategist. There are countless brilliant individuals out there who do those titles justice much better than I could ever imagine doing.

It may not be obvious, but I studied international relations and diplomacy before accidentally falling into a marketing role. How did that happen? Because I was “the opinionated kid that blogs and tweets.”

It was a simpler time back then.

Preferring navigating business politics and diplomacy to governments (gulp) I quickly began to align myself with roles that focused more on fixing B2B operational challenges, diagnosing business issues and making a case for pivoting. I layered my knowledge of diplomacy, marketing technology, and armchair psychology onto data to help turn lofty ideas into actionable, measurable plans. I essentially became an organisational doctor or lawyer, without the academia, clout, or parental pride. I enjoy studying frameworks and breaking them down. I connect things through flowcharts. People called me a strategist? I ran with it because it saved me (and you) from having to explain what I did with a made up multi-hyphenated role.  

So what’s next in store for me? Who knows!




If you decide to stop scrolling at this point (that’s fair), here are a few things you need to know about me before getting in touch.

1 pitch a week

45% client win rate

78% client retention rate

2 triple shot espressos daily

“Uzma is a delight to work with — on both a cerebral level and during the day-to-day toil of creative (and administrative) labor.”

— Daniel Olivan, Strategist



gyro: a Merkle B2B company, Singapore
Director of Strategy and Business Consultant


Construct Digital, Singapore
Senior Strategic Planner


Prototype Interactive, Dubai
Digital Marketing Strategist


Camali Clinic, Dubai
Digital Marketing Consultant


Eureeca, Dubai
Digital Manager

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