Author: uzma

On falcons and our blind faith in models

We naively trust models. See them as interchangeable, interoperable. If it has wings, it must be a bird. If it’s a bird, it must be a chicken. If it’s a chicken, we must eat it. If we eat it, it must be nutritious. And so on. If we do not understand a model or what it’s a reduction of, we fail to respect its limitations. 

Life as a Distance Learning Student

Effective Time Management Traditionally, most people find the norm in education to involve lectures in physical classrooms.  Tutor-student interaction is perceived as being only physical.

How to Organise Your Studies for Success

Stay Focused on Your Studies There is a phrase called ‘Decision Fatigue’ which may be weighing you down. I first heard about this procrastination phenomenon

4th Workshop “Advanced Materials”

Capacity Building Workshop on Distance Learning Running a capacity building workshop on Distance Learning for Estuar university, jointly organised by the University of London Centre

How to Get Ready for a New Semester

Get Organized The first step to manage your stress throughout the school year is to be in control of your academic responsibilities. If you receive