Who am I?

By day and most nights, I work in the strategy and analytics department at gyro, a global B2B creative agency focusing on helping clients like Standard Chartered and CommScope.

Simply put, I ask questions and synthesise hours of data analysis and insights to solve an abstract business problem. I do research, conduct tests, build knowledge, and churn out decks.

I have a decade of experience in digital and inbound marketing across MENA and APAC to back up my insights and strategic plans. This includes everything from planning to customer insight and experience, lead generation, information architecture, and content marketing strategy. In my profession as a digital strategist, I have developed integrated marketing plans which put personalisation, marketing automation and inbound methodologies into practice.

I have worked with businesses in the high tech B2B, finance and banking, investment, e-commerce, healthcare, retail, education, government, travel, and not-for-profit sectors. 

In a word, I’m versatile. T-shaped, and skewed towards digital.